To what heights can we build with GUTFLEX?

It depends on how a module construction is designed and optimized. Our GUTFLEX modules are designed and optimized to the first and second floors, due to the most common use in implementing economic housing. If the customer wants to build higher, in such a case the design must be optimized for higher loads which will result in the thickness of materials or in the larger size.

Can I buy only GUTFLEX universal modules and the rest of the implementation work I can do by myself?

Yes, the GUTFLEX steel structure is exactly intended for this purpose. It provides all the supporting construction of the building, making it easy to continue building construction by yourself. It also depends on what you want to achieve in the final standard. We recommend that the higher standard should be constructed by a skilled professional.

If I'll be building the construction by myself and I buy a self-supporting modular design - will GUTFLEX help me with the construction and its know-how?

As long as this requirement goes, GUTFLEX ensures consultations to this extent and will also provide know-how to the implementer of the building, so he’ll be able to complete the construction successfully. In any case, we make sure that the implementer has a clear idea of the real plan and real opportunities for self-fulfillment of the construction. If you are unsure, we will propose measures to implementer who’s building the construction, so he doesn’t get into troubles and will be able to complete the construction successfully.

Can I choose a GUTFLEX construction company in my area?

Yes, GUTFLEX is one of the few companies that supports the possibility of building and selecting the right contractor. The choice and competitiveness of the contractor buildings contributes to reducing costs for the customer and also increases flexibility.

What is the difference between certified and non-certified construction company from GUTFLEX?

The difference is in the fact that the certified company is approved by GUTFLEX, thus ensuring the quality which must comply with all building and implementation GUTFLEX specifications, assembled from iron structure, quality materials and securing the wooden parts. In general, we are talking about GUTFLEX construction standards. In these cases, all the repair and quality assurance is provided by the GUTFLEX company.

The non-certified companies may or may not meet these requirements and we do not know their standards (although we do not say their standard is inferior), in which case we can not be responsible for the work done. For non-certified firms, all potential repairs or guarantees must be solved exclusively through the company that constructed the building.

The disadvantage of non-certificated company rests upon its expiry, where there is no possibility of appeal to the competent repairs, if necessary. If a certified company ceases to exist, all repairs and warranties are guaranteed by GUTFLEX.

What is the difference between static and mobile GUTFLEX modules?

The only difference is the size. The static module is wider, so it gives the priority to projects which are not intended to disassemble or move. Mobile module is narrower and may not exceed the width of 2.5 meters, so the mobile module can be moved easily and normally. So it’s good to know for what purpose the building is intended and choose right size of the GUTFLEX modules.

A module that will be used for garage, can I use it later for a house?

Yes, a GUTFLEX module which was previously used for the garage can also be used for a home. Our GUTFLEX modules are all optimized for housing, maximum flexibility and usability of the module, just in case the sale modules or its investment purpose is changed in the implementation plan.

Each module has a static GUTFLEX certificate, which refers to the place of construction. When changing the function of the building under the same general conditions of implementation, it should be mandatory to implement the new structural analysis of the building.

Under standard conditions, ie. while maintaining the building’s height and the same place of implementation, a new certificate is issued to the GUTFLEX static module to begin the new construction.

In response to different conditions such as high altitude, bad weather, great snow cover and other … a proposed action to the implementation of the module is to reject the construction.

What is the difference between GUTFLEX design and a classic wooden house?

The difference is mainly in the construction. GUTFLEX works on the principle of quality prefabricated iron structures that provide a strong static and all the wooden parts of the structure act just as a filler. They are independently connected, allowing rapid implementation or rapid exchange and flexibility.

Thanks to GUTFLEX construction, it is enormously flexible when it comes to the reconstruction of walls. GUTFLEX design allows to dismantle the building and move it, which is not possible with a wooden house.

GUTFLEX construction ensures structural stability, which does not apply to wooden houses and therefore you do not need to worry about static when using GUTFLEX. Damages like rotting or insect damage is a nightmare for wooden houses owners.

In wooden buildings you can not rebuild the interior, it’s always a fixed structure for securing the support. Building wooden houses without a practical experience is of a great courage. Assembling certain modules of wooden logs is just for experts while we would not recommend it anyway.

When timber construction is important, high quality wood as a construction material is often not used and the resulting effect may not be as perfect as we would expect. In wooden buildings it is not easy to move partitions, because the screens that the wooden houses generally are, tend to be used as a carrier and can not be moved.

When attacked by pests, the house is more or less unmarketable. In most cases the mold or rotting wood weakens the support of the structure, which reduces the strength and quality of housing.

If you go for the whole wooden structure, only those with the highest quality wooden materials on the market and high-quality wood preservatives should be chosen. Such an implementation plan requires very high financial costs that match the price tag of a classic brick building. We must realize that all wood works (because we have the whole house of wood) are interconnected. It is necessary to ensure each connection is properly made and wood must be dried up.

Implementations of the classic wooden houses are not as fast as people think. It is therefore only fast, if it is carried out by a team of professionals throughout the construction time but not much cheaper than for the construction of traditional materials.

A wooden house is almost unmarketable after 15 years or rapidly loses its value. People like wooden houses of their own, if they have the choice of quality wood and the quality of the construction company to implement the project. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of cheap and poor quality wooden houses on the market or poor quality selected materials and poorly dried wood.

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